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What You Can Do

1. Sell Keys of Your Contents

Seller encrypt any contents such as videos, photos, music, comics, or games and put those to any file server. He or she can sell Key information including URLs, username, password, or any notes for downloading and decrypting the contents.

2. Buy Keys to Enjoy Contents

Buyer can buy Key information above and enjoy the contents.

3. Re-sell Keys to Earn Money

Anyone can re-sell any Keys as an affiliate and enjoy sharing revenue with original sellers. An affiliate who has bought the Key can be a premium affiliate and can get larger share of revenue.

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Our Advantages


  • No personal information is required. Only bitcoin address are needed to sell or buy.
  • No log is archived. Access log is kept for 8 days just for maintain this platform and no longer available after that.
  • Crypt currency is accepted. Bitcoin is accepted for all payment.


  • All selling data is encrypted as confidential. Even we cannot see the raw data without purchasing.


  • No Javascript needed, and it will keep your confidential data from being cracked through Javascript.
  • Your earnings are kept in our offline cold-wallet.

Easy to Earn

  • You just need register item to sell, and then your earnings will be automatically paid to your Bitcoin address. Nothing to do for receiving money.
  • Affiliates can sell your item as their items, and you can get sharing of earnings of that. Nothing to do for receiving it, either.

Sell A Key >>

More Information

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