Payment Terms

  1. Definition
    • Original Seller as OG

      User who registers his or her content for sale.

    • Affiliate(x) as Ax; x is variable

      User who resells Original Seller's content.

    • Premium Affiliate as PA

      User who purchases content and resells the content.

    • Affiliate Chain

      Affiliate Chain consists affiliates' URLs and links between them. Details are described below.

      When Original Seller registers content for sale, he or she will get own URL of purchase page for the content.

      Any user can resell content as affiliate. Affiliate will get own URL of purchase page which looks as the same as original one.

      Other user can also be affiliate of the affiliated content.

      URLs are linked as tree, called Affiliate Tree.

      In the tree, all URLs are available as long as the content is available, but revenue will be shared with whom are in the chain start from URL that is referred when buyer purchases to Original Seller's URL. We call it as the Affiliate Chain. i.e. if Buyer refers to A12's URL when purchasing, the Affiliate Chain is as shown inside of the red frame below;

      Affiliate's URL refer to a URL which is referred when the Affiliate make own URL. However, Premium Affiliate can directly refer to Original Sellers URL, which will make opportunity to earn more money than other Affiliate.

      Please note that any user cannot know which URL is linked with your URL.

  2. Commission Rate

    Original Seller, Premium Affiliate, and Affiliate can enjoy revenue when buyer purchases refering to their own URL. In addition to that, they can earn revenue in case content is sold via other's URL which refer to own URL in the Affiliate Chain.

    • Original Seller
      • 50% in case content is sold via own URL or Affiliate's URL
      • 20% in case content is sold via Premium Affiliate's URL
    • Premium Affiliate
      • 40% in case content is sold via own URL or other Affiliate's URL
    • Affiliate
      • 10% in case content is sold via own URL
      • 10% in case content is sold via other Affiliate's URL. Only 3 newest Affiliates can get earnings in the Affiliate Chain.

  3. Minimum Payment Amount

    0.004 BTC for each Bitcoin address

  4. Payment Check Interval

    Sellers' and Affiliates' balances will be checked once a week and be sent if amount reaches the minimum payment amount.